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  经济发展与环境保护的关系 (习主席倡导“青山绿水就是金山银山”)


  Some people believe that economic development should never be at the cost of the environment.They think the present serious environmental problems are largely caused by rapid?economic development.For example,land resources are shrinking because of the industrial development and the expansion of cities.Deserts are spreading because of over grazing,poor fanning,tree cutting,and strip mining.Our air and water supplies are being polluted by poisonous gassesand waste products.It is important,therefore,that we should take another look at the way in which our industries and cities are developing.

  However,other people think it unnecessary to consider environmental problems now and our first priority should always be given to economic development.They believe that environmental problems are inevitable and unavoidable in the process of economic development.They are only the by products of economic development,which can be dealt with later when we have the time and money.

  I think the second idea is completelywrong.Our ultimate aim in economic development is to provide a comfortable and happy life for our people.What is the point of economic development if we achieve it at the cost of our environment?There has been much evidence to prove that a balance between the two helps more rapid and continuous development.


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