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  In the thought-provoking picture, a young man and a lady is sitting on the chair in a waiting room that is allocated specially for mothers with baby. Regrettably(令人遗憾的是), they simply neglect the mother with a baby in her right arm and a big bag in her left hand standing just beside them with great efforts. The scene will set ordinary citizens to think seriously about the nation’s painfully declining moral climate(道德风尚的衰败).

  Some of this can be attributed to the lack of morality(道德缺乏), a problem shown particularly in the younger generation. Their sense of moral standards (道德感标准)seems to be withering(下降) although their material comforts have been considerably enhanced. What makes matters even worse is the fact that such misdeeds as spitting, picking flowers in public gardens or making noises in public places are becoming so pervasive(普遍的) that they are likely to be taken for granted(习惯成自然) by the public. With today’s worsening morality, social bonds (社会联系)have been weakened, replaced by a greater emphasis on self. That is why new ideas must come forward to improve the nation’s moral climate though the challenge cannot be underestimated(低估).

  Moral decline will not be reversed(扭转)until we find new ways to improve our moral standards. For adults, we can make use of every chance to remind young people of the importance of good manners, both as a competent citizen(合格公民) in modern society and as a model for them to follow. Only in this way can the moral climate of our nation be improved, and we sincerely wish that the young man in the picture could realize that he has sit on a “wrong” seat.


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